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Major order also means a mission against the coronavirus Blumenbecker receives order for 30 thermal process air plants from Reifenhäuser Reicofil

Thermal process air plants are used in the production of so-called meltblown material. This material is used, among other things, for the production of breathing masks, which are urgently needed in the corona crisis.

"In intensive cooperation with our colleagues from the Competence Center Application Technology in Dortmund and the main suppliers, we have taken up the challenge of reducing delivery times from the usual five to six months for such systems to a maximum of three and a half months," explains Pohlmann, Head of Control Engineering and Cabinet Production at Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik GmbH. "We have convinced the customer: Currently, twenty plants with a volume flow rate capacity of 2000 Nm³/h and ten plants with a volume flow rate capacity of 4000 Nm³/h have been ordered by Reifenhäuser Reicofil with the prospect of further orders", says Pohlmann.

Several tasks had to be mastered at once. Production capacities had to be created in order to be able to handle the project volume within the shortest possible time. The most important task, however, was to secure the supply chain. Worst-case scenarios in case of quarantine measures were worked out for the customer. The customer was convinced by the possibility to produce at different production sites and to be able to deliver also in Poland and other countries via cooperation partners. Another major advantage is the possibility of support during commissioning of the lines through the local presence of Blumenbecker companies in various countries.

This contract is more than just an order. It is also a mission to eradicate the coronavirus. "Now it's time to focus all our attention on the order. Finally, we are making a significant contribution to the fight against the spread of the coronavirus," points out Pohlmann.

Reifenhäuser Reicofil has been a major customer of the Blumenbecker Group for many years. Blumenbecker has received the "Supplier Award" from its major customer on repeated occasions. In recent years, Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik has always received the top mark of "very good" in the annual supplier evaluation. The evaluation focuses on quality, delivery reliability, service and cooperation between Reifenhäuser suppliers. "Over the many years of cooperation, a very excellent partnership has developed that is characterised by a very high level of mutual trust. This is what distinguishes a partnership and motivates employees", confirms Pohlmann.