PLC programming

PLC programming in all its facets

PLC programming at Blumenbecker
Do you want to optimise your production operation with automation systems? You can – if you tap into our experience and expertise. We program PLCs for all established brands of process control and supervisory systems and can manage your plant automation needs along the full plant lifecycle, from design and engineering to commissioning and maintenance to future upgrades and expansions.

Our seasoned PLC programmers can even implement interfaces for all standard ERP systems (SAP, Navision, etc.), develop user-specific high-level language applications and migrate legacy systems (S5, S7, TIA, PCS7, etc.) with minimal downtime.

We employ established brands such as ABB, Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Rockwell and Wonderware as well as all standard bus systems and components such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, AS-Interface, Industrial Ethernet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP and serial interfaces.

Areas of application for Blumenbecker PLC programming
PLCs are typically employed in process and factory data acquisition, MES solutions, energy data acquisition and management as well as process and production optimisation. However, we can also implement HMI and SCADA applications (WinCC, Intouch, Ifix, Factory View, etc.), secure remote maintenance solutions and robot applications for you.

Our PLC programmers
Our PLC programmers are exceedingly motivated and highly qualified. Being dyed-in-the-wool PLC professionals, we have extensive experience in all areas where PLC programming is needed. Our mission is to develop the best and most practical solutions for you, and we have the deep commitment to quality that this mission demands. Our employees always maintain a strong customer focus, too.

PLC software
Our PLC software is quality-tested and meets the most demanding standards possible. We place a premium on easy customisation so that we can supply you with PLC software that has been “tailored” to you. Not only that, but our PLC software is readily scalable due to its modular design and can grow with your needs at any time.

Drive systems and control engineering

Blumenbecker works with well-known partners in drive systems and develops complex production lines for you worldwide.

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