Robot welding

Welding For one-off and series production

Faster and better: conventional welding with robots

Blumenbecker is your partner for the automation of a single welding workstation or a complete welding line. Welding robots can carry out a wide variety of conventional welding processes, such as TIG / MIG / MAG, plasma welding or special welding processes.

The high axis speeds of the robots ensure particularly low cycle times; unproductive movements between two welding seams are minimized. The high repeat accuracy guarantees an accurate approach to the beginning of the weld seam.

The advantages are a significantly improved weld seam quality as well as a significant reduction in machining time and thus an increase in productivity. In addition, employees are protected from harmful substances.

Robot welding is a linchpin of today's automotive industry. However, it has migrated into other areas, too. Robot welding systems are increasingly proving their value in and outside industrial mass production.

Discover the advantages of robot application welding

  1. Careful: No tool wear, no-touch welding.
  2. Easy: Components are easily accessible because the laser transmits power over long distances.
  3. Exact: Low thermal impact on material – minimal material distortion and structural change.
  4. Fast: Weld faster thanks to high power density.
  5. Strong: Very strong welds.
  6. Powerful: Deep welds with material thicknesses up to 25 mm.

Our services


We take time for you

At the start of our relationship, we conduct an in-depth consultation to analyze your requirements of your pallitizing solution and identify any areas with potential for improvement. Next, we design and configure the robot palletizing station to meet your requirements while maximizing their value to you.

Design and planning

End-to-end design - more than hardware

We design not only your specific solution, but also its integration into your production process. This gives you planning certainty at an early stage. Equipped with the latest 3D design software, our engineers will expertly plan and simulate your robot workstations and robot cells.


More than code
We program robots, sensors and PLCs with state-of-the-art software. This includes designing robot work cells in 3D as well as conducting offline simulations prior to production. With this approach, we can design and test production processes in a dynamic 3D environment, define and validate production process sequences with realistic behaviours and optimized cycle times and simulate the initial start-up of production systems. Manufacturing schemes are tested virtually in advance in order to eliminate design flaws early on and verify information flows between the PLC and the robots. All these preparations get your system up and running much sooner.

Our wide-ranging experience in robot programming gives us the tools to tackle complex automation challenges in industrial facilities around the globe.

Learn more about programming


End-to-end project management up to commissioning
We will assign you a project manager to coordinate your project from consultation to implementation and beyond. Our experts will install and commission your system under the project manager's supervision.

They monitor the start-up process, test availability and optimize processes to quickly integrate the equipment into your production process. Our services include shift supervision by our engineers as well as operator and maintenance technician training.

Installation and dismantling

Assembly in the field of industrial robotics requires a high degree of expertise and flexibility. Our large team of skilled workers, masters, technicians and engineers takes care of your needs. If required, we also dismantle or replace your old systems.


We share our knowledge
We offer training and further education courses at training centres in Prague, Bratislava, Katowice, Kiev and Iserlohn to help our customers get the most out of their robotics solutions. Robots are installed in the classrooms to aid learning.

We teach well over 100 courses each year on topics such as:

  • General operator training for the installed system
  • Robot maintenance training
  • Robot programming training
  • Software training for Blumenbecker robot software

After-sales service

Keeping everything running smoothly

Our end-to-end service approach ensures high customer satisfaction and excellent machine performance. If you wish, we can provide comprehensive after-sales service for our robotics solutions all over the world. We not only perform routine maintenance, but also supply parts and accessories for mechanical and electrical systems and reprogram or modify machines as required.

Our skilled technicians perform routine maintenance on robots – whether we supplied and installed them or not. We act as a KUKA System Partner in this capacity, for example.

Our services include:

  • Regularly maintaining robots
  • Supplying and installing spare parts
  • Modifying robot designs and features
  • Reprogramming and retooling

Repairs that cannot be completed in the field will be performed at one of our well-equipped repair shops. We keep frequently needed spare parts in stock.

We can also help with any unforeseen problems with your robots. We respond swiftly and use tried-and-tested troubleshooting processes to get your production up and running again quickly.


We keep the most important spare parts of the robots installed by us in stock and are able to deliver them to you within 24 hours. Through cooperation with our other divisions, we can also offer you qualified engineering and repair services for more complex tasks. Thanks to our numerous service points, one of our technicians is always close to you and guarantees the smooth functioning of your robot systems.


We offer you a tailor-made and vendor-neutral maintenance service and carry out any necessary repairs immediately.


Decided to modernise or overhaul your equipment? Count on our help for every project phase – from preliminary consulting to developing the project documentation to programming and execution.

We modernise old automation systems such as old Simatic S5 central systems by replacing them with new systems such as Simatic S7 with distributed modules. Equipment upgrades are in good hands with us, too.

You need an individual solution and professional advice?