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Process control systems

Customised systems

Our process control systems provide a clean, intuitive overview of running processes while supplying data that will help you with tasks such as quality assurance, energy management and process optimisation. Intuitive user guidance makes complex plants much easier to operate and prevents operator errors. Obviously, an intelligently designed system also lowers the cost of training new personnel. We employ standard state-of-the-art process control systems, customised for your needs. This approach combines excellent availability with reliability and provides dependable access to service and support. With our global focus and extensive standardisation, we can provide superior support all over the world.

Our process control portfolio mainly consists of:

  • PLC programming 
  • SCADA WinCC, InTouch, RSView 
  • Control systems from Siemens, Rockwell, Keba and Beckhoff 
  • PCS7, ProcessLogix process control systems 
  • Acron process data acquisition 
  • Applications in C++, Java, VB/ VBA, etc. 
  • SQL database applications 
  • Level 2 automation such as management information systems and warehouse management 
  • Microprocessor programming for special machines 
  • Interfacing your application with third-party systems 
  • Interface adaptation, bus and network interfaces

What are process control systems (PCSs)?

Modern process control systems automate process equipment and visualise processes to allow monitoring, operation and analysis by operating personnel. Process control technology makes it possible to control and monitor processes, including the use of alarms or safety functions to indicate significant departures from setpoints.

Process control systems are found in a variety of industries, especially those with complex processes and widespread use of process equipment. The energy and power station sector, for example, relies almost exclusively on process control systems for plant automation, although process control systems have become commonplace in many other industries, too.

The basic function of process control systems is to manage the entire process and the associated equipment. All the information needed to manage the system is generated by individual process control components and sent to the control room for the process control system. Control room operators use the information to manage and control all the steps in the overall technical process. With complex processes and plants, process visualisation can help simplify the control process and reduce errors.

To ensure safe, reliable plant operation using a process control system or process control technology, the PCS system (make), PCS architecture and the system’s installation and/or programming must be tailored to the process and equipment. The system should ultimately be open, transparent and easy to use and maintain.

Manufacturers of process control systems

Manufacturers of process control systems offer a variety of systems in two basic categories: open and proprietary.

Equipment for open process control systems is readily available in the market. These systems can be installed and/or maintained by system integrators. Current industry standards ensure open, flexible systems that are easy to expand and maintain, instilling greater confidence in plant owners over the plant’s entire lifecycle.

Open process control systems utilise carefully matched hardware and software, from the field level to the direct control level with PLC- or PC-based automation all the way up to the supervisory level and integration with third-party systems.

Manufacturers of process control systems and technology:

  • Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 
  • ProLeiT AG ProLeiT Plant iT 
  • Emerson DeltaV 
  • ABB Freelance 800F, ABB 800xA 
  • AEG Viewstar

Control and monitoring systems

We are your competent partner wherever control and monitoring systems are involved - from fault reporting to central process control systems.

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