Blumenbecker certified according to ISO 14001:2015

B+M Blumenbecker GmbH certified
to ISO 14001:2015 Certification of Blumenbecker Holding testifies to environmental responsibility and sustainability

“Acting responsibly when it comes to the environment is more than just projecting an image,“ says Uwe Andreas Schmidt, Head of Quality Management and Work Safety. Since 2016, he and Dieter Mroczkowski, the Holding’s Environmental Officer, had implemented a range of environmental protection measures such as the energy audit and the standardised waste recycling scheme. Now the time had come to streamline the different approaches and measures into a strategic process.

Our endeavour is to leave a world behind for the coming generations that is worth living in!

Richard Mayer,
Managing Director Blumenbecker Holding


Supervised by TÜV Nord, concrete environmental targets and a suitable action plan were drawn up. Compared to the old standard from 2004, the new ISO 14001:2015 standard focuses much more strongly on the environmental aspects of the value creation chain. Not only does it provide for evaluation of the environmental impact of activities within the company, but also that of upstream and downstream processes. The goal is to achieve commitment to protecting the environment above and beyond company boundaries.

“Our endeavour is to leave a world behind for the coming generations that is worth living in,” emphasises Blumenbecker Managing Director Richard Mayer. Last, but not least, it is also a prerequisite for being successful commercially. Numerous customers demand proof that companies take environmental protection seriously. Therefore, the certification to ISO 14001 lays the foundation for a future that is headed in the right direction.


Photo (from left to right): Richard Mayer (Blumenbecker Managing Director), Harald Golombek (Blumenbecker Managing Director), Uwe Andreas Schmidt (Blumenbecker, Head of Quality Management and Work Safety), Oliver Rasch (Audit Manager, TÜV Nord), Dieter Mroczkowski (Blumenbecker Holding Environmental Officer) and Olaf Lingnau (Blumenbecker Managing Director)