The new type of machines i3® MicroClean 2TM Our control panel and STM32 microcontroller

Cold Jet New type of control and power supply for the i3® MicroClean 2TM machines equipped with IoT module

The Cold Jet Sp. z o.o. is a pioneer and world leader in the production of dry ice cleaning machines and dry ice production equipment. Our 110-240V AC (50/60 Hz) control and power solutions have become part of the i3® MicroClean 2TM equipment used in the dry ice cleaning technology offered by Cold Jet. The Cold Jet company has been operating in Poland since 2010, completing projects for its customers all over the world. The Cold Jet's new generation of precision dry ice cleaning is the ultimate technical solutions for Industry 4.0.


Our solutions

Since 2015, Blumenbecker Polska for Cold Jet has completed many projects for devices in the field of dry ice cleaning process like: Elite 20, i3 MicroClean, and  i3® MicroClean 2TM, which are very successful on the retail market. For devices of the Elite 20 type, UL 508a certification was necessary, which is required for the US market. With our solutions and expertise, Cold Jet has obtained an individual technical and engineering support from a single source.

The scope of our work for the i3® MicroClean 2TM devices included:

  • Preparation and design of the wirings diagrams 
  • Equipped the control system with an IoT module to perform all software updates independently via the internet
  • Software preparation for STM32 microcontrollers
  • Miniaturisation of the control system
  • Increasing machine performance to allow faster, non-pulsatile jet cleaning in the shortest possible time
  • Reducing machine operation costs


Our client says:

»Choosing Blumenbecker Polska to develop a new type of control and power supply for our latest i3 MicroClean 2 was a great choice. Thanks to the design team’s involvement, we have created a more efficient and reliable machine.«

Maciej Doczekała,
Country Manager & Product Development Manager, Cold Jet Sp. z o.o.