We deliver more than just products

Anyone can sell products from a catalogue. We believe wholesaling is about more than supplying articles, though. That’s why we view ourselves an industrial service provider with a full-service promise.

Our state-of-the-art, 3,500 square meter logistics centre holds up to 100,000 items ranging from power tools to welding gear and material handling equipment to cleaning systems and spare parts. With our efficient logistics, deep and extensive catalogue and careful selection of additional suppliers, we can quickly and smoothly supply customers with products like no other company.


We have provided our customers with e-procurement for years. In addition, we have numerous branch offices and outside sales teams that keep us in close personal contact with customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop solutions tailored to your exact production requirements in close consultation with you.

C-Parts Management

C-parts are of low value, but cause high costs in the purchasing process. Therefore, C-parts management for office materials, occupational safety clothing, cleaning articles or tools, for example, is an easy way to reduce costs.

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