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Blumenbecker Engineering Polska expands its service department

Aftersales service is in ever greater demand on the engineering side too. An increasing number of customers who come to us for one-off equipment installation and commissioning are also asking for technical support beyond the guarantee period and Blumenbecker Engineering Polska is responding to this trend by expanding its service department.

The newly established service department has a staff of 14 and is headed by Rafał Pawlik: there are four service engineers for automation, one robotics specialist and eight PLC technicians. “This provides us with a highly qualified team who are available to our customers around the clock”, says Pawlik.

One or more PLC technicians, who know the customers' systems well, are on permanent stand-by. When help is summoned, a data link is first established with the control unit in question in order to get an overview of the situation. The PLC reads the information from all the sub-systems so that the problem can be narrowed down directly. “Sometimes the problem can be resolved by reprogramming, but in other cases a replacement part is the only answer”, explains Pawlik.

In-house spare parts department

In this case it is up to the customer whether to replace the defective part himself or to call in a Blumenbecker fitter. Often the main factor here is not the availability of the fitter but the availability of the defective part, which first has to be bought in. And for this very reason the service department has been busy building up its own emergency stock of those spares that are most frequently needed.

Pawlik is convinced that the company's extensive range of services and large technical team sets Blumenbecker apart from the rest. “Few of our competitors operate a 24-hour hotline or have their own service staff. With us an engineer will get into his car in the middle of the night to get a customer's installation up and running again. We simply deliver solutions.“