Automation of a quality testing machine for crankshafts

Forging with certainty Bharat Forge CDP

Quality testing goes automatic

Whether it's stub axles, wishbones, crankshafts, pistons or bucket teeth, Bharat Forge CDP in Ennepetal is the supplier of choice when it comes to forged chassis and motor components, and non-automotive systems too. And its reputation is a global one.

The CDP company, which is part of the Indian-owned Kalyani Group, has been producing steel forgings for 175 years. This specialist in complex forgings uses automated production lines in the manufacturing process. Quality testing at Bharat Forge CDP is also highly automated. This is the only way in which the extensive quality checks demanded by the automotive industry can be carried out cost effectively.

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Large-scale projects calls for a combination of skills and expertise

Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik GmbH has already undertaken a number of projects for BHARAT FORGE CDP in Ennepetal.

These orders included the automation and commissioning of a new quality testing machine, the modernisation of an existing quality testing line and the replacement and reprogramming of eight Kuka KR Quantec production-line robots. All this was completed in just five months.

Our customer says:

»Quality is the key objective.«

Stefan Schippan,

Five Blumenbecker companies put together an all-inclusive care package

A complex project with an extremely ambitious timetable. What really paid off here was that the Blumenbecker Group can access all the required skills and know-how in-house. From planning and switchgear construction, the development of operating software and robot / SPS programming through to robot decommissioning and installation – the operation involved five Blumenbecker companies from Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The fact that the project was effectively coordinated from a single source meant that Bharat Forge CDP only had one point of contact for all issues arising. According to project manager Erich Burghardt this was an › all-inclusive care package ‹ that impressed everyone involved.