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Operating leading company of the Blumenbecker Group


Automation Technology

Switchgear production with assembly and commissioning worldwide. Industrial automation projects from initial consultation through planning and development to programming and visualisation.


System integrator for complex engineering tasks. Services range from the automation of production lines to robotics, visualisation and industrial IT to the manufacture of switchgear systems and worldwide commissioning.

Industrial Trade

Conventional full-line supplier with specialist departments for industrial clients, the craft trade and the home DIY enthusiast. We can supply the full range of equipment, from hand tools to machine tools.

Industrial Service

Crane construction, maintenance, testing and servicing of cranes, electric motors and generators, industrial doors, gates and loading ramps, along with all kinds of industrial plant and machinery. Repair and loan service for small machines and appliances.


With four outlets in eastern Germany we can provide production, sales and maintenance services for rolling stock, airport ground equipment and mobile aerial work platforms, undertake the planning and manufacture of energy distributors and switchgear and carry out testing and servicing on crane installations, aerial work platforms, lifting devices, door equipment and other industrial systems.

Head Office Beckum
T: +49 2521 8406-0

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