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Rolling stock maintenance: access technology, elevated track systems, roof working platforms etc.

Blumenbecker Technics – your competent and reliable partner

A job done properly, on time, without fuss and with absolute reliability – that’s what we all want from a service company. And this is exactly what we have been delivering for more than 20 years. Like part of a well-oiled machine. That is why many companies now rely on the many years of experience – and the technical services and solutions – of Blumenbecker Technics.

With a team of more than 110 engineers and fully equipped service vehicles we can provide a customised service for cranes, door systems, lifting tables and much more. We also service, test, automate and supply crane systems to meet your specific needs, a service that is available not just to customers in Germany but to clients anywhere in the world.

Drawing on many years of experience in the construction of low-voltage switchgear installations, our facilities at Schafstädt and Rüdersdorf can provide a full range of controllers, power distributors and switchgear designs. As a matter of course, everything is delivered on time and to the highest quality standards.

We will be pleased to put together a package that is tailored to suit your requirements.

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