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Three high-speed doors delivered and installed

Self-repairing doors

Blumenbecker has helped keep staff at the Ahlen base of the Freckenhorster Workshops safe by supplying and installing three high-speed doors.

The Ahlen branch of Freckenhorster Werkstätten GmbH, run by the Caritas organization, is for people with various physical and intellectual disabilities. The existing interior doors were constantly causing minor accidents and problems because staff were hitting against the closing strip. The doors weren’t quite working properly and didn’t meet the Workshops’ high safety standards.
Blumenbecker recommended that the Workshops install Dynaco high-speed doors, because they work more quickly than the existing doors, are tight-fitting and don’t have a rigid closing strip.”

Not only do the new doors solve the problem of accidents, they also repair themselves! The exterior door opens so quickly that it does not get damaged by the forklift. Even if the exterior door gets dislodged due to a collision, the door will reinsert itself into the side guides. At Blumenbecker’s recommendation, radar presence sensors were included; these stop the door closing while anyone is in the doorway. The exterior door was also equipped with an uninterruptible power supply, as it is also required to function as an emergency exit. Now, the door will open automatically should the electricity fail.

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