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Blumenbecker location in Beckum

New apprentices welcomed in Beckum

Dual studies programm in business informatics starts

At 9 o’clock on August 1rd 2017, the new crop of Blumenbecker Group apprentices was given a warm welcome in Beckum by Dr. Wolfgang Fink, CEO at B+M Blumenbecker GmbH. 

“People who choose to apprentice at Blumenbecker are well set for their future careers,” Dr. Fink said. “As an international industrial service provider we have to be up-to-date and up-to-par with the latest in technology. That is why an apprenticeship at Blumenbecker makes for an excellent stepping stone into a promising vocational career.”

After meeting their new supervisors and being addressed by representatives of the youth and apprentice council, the apprentices and their hosts joined in a breakfast. Afterwards the apprentices were given first instructions in work safety and a tour of the premises at Sudhoferweg.

This time the first apprentice startet the dual studies programm in business informatics. All told, 19 apprentices will start out in their future profession at the Blumenbecker Group this year.

All apprentices are scheduled to meet again at the end of August, at which time team training will take place in Beverland near Münster.

(back row, from left to right) Sebastian Möller, Niklas Inderwiedenstraße, Leonor Mehmeti, Jan Wiesner, Adrian Meyer, Julian Schall
(front row, from left to right) Michelle Steinhauer, Sandy Samman Hayek, Justin Korn, Simon Kleickmann, Christoph Beumer, Tobias Feder, Jonas Gritzner, Angelika Leopold, Florence Schütte, Janina Ey
Missing on the picture: Marc Hoven and Liridon Tunjai

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