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Innovative solutions showcased at the inter airport Europe trade fair

'A convincing, all-round response'

Inter airport Europe, the international trade fair for ground support equipment, technology, design and services, was held in Munich from 10th to 13th October. As the premier international event for the airport industry this year's exhibition focused on the growing demand for digitisation and automation systems. 'We truly hit the mark with our exhibits', said a delighted Mike Wenzel, Head of Airport Ground Equipment at Blumenbecker Technik, which had its own dedicated stand at the Munich fair.

As well as presenting battery-driven aircraft steps, which operate without diesel or hydraulic power and can be recharged via solar modules or drive-energy recovery technology, the Blumenbecker stand also featured a re-buildable airport dolly that has been designed for easy shipment. A digital tracking system for ground support equipment (GSE) was another of the company's exhibits. According to Wenzel: 'A few of the other exhibitors also have tracking devices on show, but these are self-contained systems. Where we score is that ours is the only system that uses a standard, in other words open, radio signal, which means that customers are not bound to a specific manufacturer'.

Wenzel was able to report the significant interest that airport operators, air carriers and airfield service companies were showing in the new solutions being offered by Blumenbecker Technik. 'Airport operators want to use their staff more effectively and reduce their carbon footprint, airlines always want the steps to be brought up quickly to the aircraft and GSE providers want to be able to locate their dollies and luggage trailers as quickly as possible on the airport apron and to transport these units easily from one place to another. Blumenbecker's latest concept is able to provide a convincing, all-round response to these demands.'

The level of interest is also reflected in the visitor figures. Wenzel and his colleagues really had their hands full and were able to report 'quite a few fruitful discussions', as the four event-filled show days added lots of new contacts and appointments to the company log-book.

Messe inter airport Europe 2017 Messe inter airport Europe 2017


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