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Industrial service undertakes major drive-unit overhaul

130 drives overhauled in 14 days

Blumenbecker Industrie-Service has serviced and overhauled some 130 drives at Brökelmann + Co - Oelmühle GmbH + Co - in just 14 days, most of these units operating in an explosive environment.

As one of Germany's last owner-run oil mills, the Hamm-based Brökelmann company processes around 500,000 tonnes of oilseed a year to produce high-grade cooking oil, feedstuffs, coarse meal and fatty acids, these being marketed under brand names such as BRÖLIO. Every 18 months Brökelmann shuts down a large part of the plant so that servicing work can be carried out on the drive units. 

In the extraction hall hexane is used to extract the oil from the crushed seed. Hexane is a highly explosive gas and for this reason the motors and pumps operating in this area must be of explosion-proof design. This also impacts on the machine maintenance process, as specially trained personnel are needed both for the servicing work and for the subsequent acceptance test. Blumenbecker has expertise in this area and can deploy staff who are qualified in explosion protection measures (Qualified person according to Industrial Safety Rules (BetrSichV), TRBS 1203). 

The extraction area was shut down for the duration of the refit. The timeframe of 14 days was extremely tight, with only seven of these allocated to the work in the explosive environment areas. Moreover, the drives not only needed servicing but also had to be re-calibrated and issued with a test certificate. And there were other on-site tasks that needed carrying out too. In order to provide for a fast response time Industrie-Service installed a site container at the Brökelmann plant so that the project management team was always on hand when needed. 

A total of 130 drives (motors, gearboxes, pumps and fans) were overhauled, with nearly 90% of these units operating in explosive areas. All were transported to the Industrie-Service workshops in Beckum where the overhaul and repair work was done. After testing and acceptance the units were taken back to Hamm for installation and alignment. 

Two days before the planned completion date the refit was so far advanced that only a few workers were required on site to provide commissioning support.

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