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Health days organised in Beckum

From “stress pilot” to “active breaks” - activities that help make work a healthier place

From 10-12 July, everything at Blumenbecker revolved around employees’ health and safety. Around 480 staff were presented with ideas on how to improve personal fitness and perform their work duties in healthier ways. To achieve this, they were able, among many other things, to learn about so-called active breaks, undergo relaxation coaching and have their abdominal and back muscle strength measured. To round things off, a “training truck” run by the employers’ liability insurance association was also on site.

“From a technical and organisational point of view we at Blumenbecker do a lot to prevent work accidents and health risks. Ultimately, however, it is up to each employee’s behaviour,” explains Uwe Andreas Schmidt, occupational safety specialist at Blumenbecker’s. That is why the company regularly organises training courses and carries out on-the-spot instruction for its entire staff. In order to help people bring their health into sharper focus, Blumenbecker now held its own “health days”.  Over a period of three days, all employees ranging from trainee right up to managing director were invited to participate in a wide range of activities.

These included, for example, a relaxation coaching called “stress pilot”, where participants acquired breathing techniques and the positive effect of which on their heart and cardiovascular system could be read from a monitor in real-time. On the topic of “healthy backs”, employees were able to undergo an “EasyTorque” analysis of their abdominal and back muscle strength. At another station, staff were invited to have their body flexibility assessed. After trying the health day offerings, each participant was given a personal evaluation as well as an exercise plan comprising simple, customised exercises.

A team of the employers’ liability insurance association, which was invited to the event and came equipped with a “training truck”, provided numerous “eureka” moments as well. Among other things, they brought “drunk goggles” - a prevention tool used to demonstrate alcohol impairment at 0.8 and 1.3 per mil blood alcohol. By putting on these goggles staff experienced first-hand the degree to which alcohol impacts vision, dexterity and judgment. Further, the team brought along an age simulation suit which demonstrated the physical vagaries of age using weights, bandages, ear defenders and glasses.

After participating in interactive courses such as “active break” and “Zilgrei”, participants were treated to healthy libations from a smoothie bar with drinks made from fresh fruits, veggies and herbs.

Blumenbecker staff’s response to the event was overwhelmingly positive. “Almost all employees were impressed, and participation was 100% everywhere.  Suggestions on how to improve one’s health on a daily basis without too much effort were especially popular,” summarised occupational safety specialist Uwe Andreas Schmitz.

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