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Blumenbecker Group plans to offer services on the market throughout Germany

Upswing to end the year

For the Blumenbecker Group, 2016 was a year with two different faces. Following a year that proved less than satisfactory in financial outcome, 2016 also began relatively slowly, before business started to pick up sharply in the seccond half. Even so, the planning targets were still not fully achieved, as Group CEO Dr. Wolfgang Fink explained at the annual press gathering.
“As always, the development in the various business divisions once again differed significantly in 2016,” Dr. Fink stated. “Which is not necessarily a drawback. Thanks to our diversity and our differing business divisions, there have also been occasions in the past when we have coped with difficult times more successfully than companies that only operate in one field of business.”
After a hard slimming diet with sharp cuts in overheads in the previous year, the Industrieservice division made some significant progress; the situation altogether, though, is still not satisfactory.

Fantastic finish to mark the end of the year

For Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik in Beckum, the turn of the year 2015 / 2016 marked a low point. After that, however, the division experienced a marked upward movement. It succeeded in winning new customers, especially in southern Germany and Switzerland, while existing customers returned or placed further orders. “As a result, Automatisierungstechnik was able to put on a fantastic finish to mark the end of the year 2016, managing to achieve the targets it had been set,”
Dr. Fink reported. And Automatisierungstechnik’s Polish subsidiary delivered a brilliant finish at year-end that was even more impressive for its size. The switchgear production activities in China also also saw further substantial growth at the end of 2016, though this was in contrast to the USA, where the expectations were not wholly fulfilled.
In the Engineering division, the Polish company turned in results that far exceeded expectations. At Blumenbecker Prag, on the other hand, sales suffered a sharp, unexpected fall in the first half of 2016. The Engineering division, based in Braunschweig, was hit, among other things, by the problems at Volkswagen that became known as “Dieselgate” and was unable to achieve a satisfactory result. The Slovakian subsidiary, in contrast, easily reached its planning targets.
Blumenbecker Technik’s business progressed largely as planned. In the fourth quarter of the year, Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH acquired the business operations of the firm of Redwanz in Oberhausen, invested in setting up a new branch establishment in Munich, and achieved an altogether satisfactory result.

“Driving forward the development of the south German market”

“At the start of the new financial year, our order books were much better filled than in the previous year. All told, we are approaching this year with much greater optimism, at least as far as the things we are able to influence ourselves are concerned,” said Dr. Fink. “For one thing, we will continue our efforts to drive forward the development of the south German market, as we plan to offer our services in the whole of Germany. Also in the field of robotics, our primary goal will be to increasingly bring the skills we have so far developed for the most part outside of Germany to the German market.”

Sales turnover and distribution

Sales 2016:    €176 million
Workforce:     1,347

Sales Distribution Blumenbecker Group for the year 2016

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