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Big order for branch in Munich

Delivery of 110 lockers

The Munich branch of Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH has clocked up another major order in its brief history by supplying 110 lockers for employees’ clothing.

Seelig+Co Feinblechbau GmbH in Neresheim, Baden-Württemberg, manufactures parts and assembled components to order according to its customers’ requirements, using sheet metal and similar materials.

Last year, they requested 110 lockers for a new production hall with an adjoining staff room. Seelig+Co engaged the Munich branch of Industriebedarf to procure them. “What convinced them to choose us were the good plans and technical drawings we prepared with our partner C+P Möbelsysteme,” says sales team member and Acting Branch Manager Ulrich Maier, who won the customer. “It was good quality for a good price, too,” adds Seelig Managing Director Sabine Bieber.

The lockers are a pleasant colour, with a black-and-white division line that separates personal from work clothing. They feature a state-of-the-art electronic locking system that both records the time a locker is opened or closed and serves to lock or unlock it, which is linked to and coordinated with the building services technology. There is even ventilation for each locker.

It was anything but an everyday project, says Maier. “The space was quite tricky to design for and the customer’s requirements challenging, so all the units had to be custom made to fit the various spaces.”

The contract was confirmed in July last year and the units completed in December. They are now in use and Sabine Bieber is happy to report that “the staff are very satisfied with them”.

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