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A standardised disposal system

Waste disposal at Blumenbecker headquarter in Beckum

Optimising waste disposal in Beckum

Four companies, 470 staff, 60 waste collection containers, 24 types of waste – Since January 2017 a new, standardised disposal system has been in force.

In the past, all four Beckum-based companies took waste disposal into their own hands. The result was that 17 different waste disposal providers bustled around the premises. Now, there is only a single provider taking care of the task. For all types of waste generated in Beckum, a unified system of waste designations and codes has been put in place which meets statutory requirements. Additionally, waste is now removed only when necessary, rather than to a fixed timetable. Containers are being emptied only once they are full.

With more wheelie bins and more collection points, people have much less walking to do. In Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH’s central warehouse alone three new bins for cardboard, paper and smaller, domestic-type waste are placed in a row. Whereas even small quantities of rubbish used to have to be taken outside to the container, the bins buffer the process and do not need to be emptied into the container until they are full.

Automatic monitoring of fill levels

Modern lift-and-tip mechanisms on the pressed waste containers make emptying the bins easier and safer. The bins are rolled up to the containers, hooked into the lifting mechanism, and automatically upended and emptied. Each pressed waste container is equipped with a digital level monitor that automatically notifies the disposal provider when the container is three-quarters full, who then proceeds to remove the container without further notice being necessary.

There is also a special container for paints and varnishes as well as packaging with hazardous residues that gets picked up on a separate schedule. This way, Blumenbecker staff no longer have to worry about waste disposal.

“Disposing of waste has become a lot easier and also more ergonomic for our employees,” Dieter Mroczkowski, the head of infrastructure at B+M Blumenbecker GmbH and the person in charge of the new waste disposal scheme, sums up. “In addition, we are also in compliance with all relevant waste-related regulations because we can provide end-to-end documentation of our waste flows.”

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