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Corporate Social Responsibility at Blumenbecker

Environment | Ecology | Sustainability

Natural resources are finite, and the eco-systems in many parts of the world are under heavy pressure. For this reason, we strive, through our actions, to contribute towards making our environment less polluted and to ensuring sparing use of energy, water and raw materials. We already began in 2010 to digitize our business correspondence. Since 2017, a new, future-pointing waste disposal concept has been in force at our Beckum site. As one of our fundamental rules, all our products are characterized by high quality and a long service life. This is a form of sustainability that is further supported by our after-sales service and the Blumenbecker spare parts service.

Responsibility in the spotlight

Paperless accounting

At the present time, around 70 percent of accounting and bookkeeping at the Blumenbecker companies is handled digitally. Paperless accounting was already introduced at B+M Blumenbecker GmbH in 2010. Since then, we have posted more than a million documents digitally every year. That is good for the environment, and it is good for Blumenbecker. After all, digital workflow means less paper, less toner and fewer printers. Additionally, it has made the work processes simpler and more transparent and above all quicker, while at the same time eliminating monotonous tasks - such as retrieving documents manually - altogether. Documents are able to be accessed at the same time by several persons in different places. The cost saving generated through digitalisation of the document systems amounts to around 60 to 80 percent per document. Our aim is to persuade virtually all customers and suppliers to move to electronic accounting by the year 2020.

Smart Factory

In Blumenbecker Automatisierungstechnik’s new factory building in Beckum, energy consumption is controlled by the building’s central technical management system. With the aid of sensors located at various points within the building, the room temperature is constantly monitored, evaluated and also correlated with the current weather data. On this basis, the central control unit then individually actuates the heating and ventilation components for the various zones of the building. If, for example, the temperature in one part of the factory exceeds a pre-defined setting, the system responds immediately. This saves energy and ensures a pleasant working climate in all areas of the building.

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