We deliver solutions.

Blumenbecker location in Beckum

The Blumenbecker brand

Blumenbecker is represented in ten countries in over 30 locations. Wherever Blumenbecker go, we name our name and show our picture.

Therefore, the signet consists of a word mark and a figurative mark. The word mark informs others of our name and origin. The figurative mark generates an impression of our character and our values. Both together stand as a mark of our identity.

Blumenbecker signet

The »B« stands for the family firm and hence for the origins of Blumenbecker.

We have always stood for the pooling of a broad spread of skills under one roof. At Blumenbecker, they all add up to a compre­hensive range of activities. In order to satisfy the individual needs of our customers, we draw on this pool and put together tailor-made packages of solutions for our customers. We let our customers share in our synergies by bundling the abilities and pass them on to them.

brand value

Three core values have been identified as key to Blumenbecker’s success: dialogue, competence, innovation. All three are reflected in the solgan »We deliver solutions«.

These values constitute the underlying framework for all of Blumenbecker’s activities and are a consistent theme in all our business activities.

Development of the logo from 1922 by today

Head Office Beckum
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