Welding technology for industry and trade

Welding tools

Inspections and repairs for your safety

We repair welding equipment of all kinds in our own workshops – irrespective of manufacturer. Quickly, competently and at low cost to you. As a partner of leading manufacturers, we also carry out warranty repairs in our workshops.

Accident prevention inspection

Mandatory regular safety inspections of your machines are central to maintaining your equipment. In the case of electric arc welding, hazardous secondary currents can cause the protective ground wire to catch fire. That is why we check all welding equipment for conformity with EN 60974-4 (VDE 0544-4) using computer-controlled testing devices. For each apparatus tested we issue a separate inspection record.

Accident prevention inspections can be carried out by us directly on your premises or at our workshops, where necessary repairs can also be effected. There, we also keep numerous spare parts in stock so as to be able to fix any damage immediately.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have further questions. Our welding technology experts will be happy to be of service.