Process optimization software

Software-supported process optimisation

Faster, leaner, better

If you want to truly digitise your value chain, there’s no getting around data standardisation. Non-standardised data cannot be automatically processed, but require manual modification or even re-entry, resulting in unnecessarily slow or complicated processes.

To tear down these communication and interface barriers between suppliers, manufacturers and customers, Blumenbecker has long been working on software tools and participating in initiatives like CADUNITY, a digital platform for exchanging standardised article datasets specifically prepared for ECAD.

Our own products include special costing software that readily integrates with standard configuration and calculation software for mechanical engineering. Gone are the days when all the configurations and calculations were done in Excel spreadsheets, delivered to customers and then manually re-entered in separate software. Now, customers can use Blumenbecker software to conveniently configure and cost their control panels within their own programs. The software even considers all the key technical parameters of the prospective machine. Once customers supply the software-generated files to their production partners, the partners can export the data and process it directly in the engineering phase.

This kind of process automation saves customers and everyone else a lot of time and greatly improves efficiency. Mistakes are minimised; processes are accelerated.

Process optimization in switchgear production