More than 100,000 items to guarantee baking perfection

Kuchenmeister relies on Blumenbecker expertise for its industrial needs

When you buy a ready-to-eat cake in the supermarket or discount store you will almost always be serving up a Kuchenmeister product. The Kuchenmeister company, which is based in Soest, is the market leader in Germany for ready-made cake specialities and the world's biggest producer of baumkuchen and stollen. This industrial bakery employs more than one thousand people at a number of production sites and supplies pure baking enjoyment to 80 countries around the world. Regular annual awards attest to the high quality of the company's products.

Knowing what really matters

A high quality awareness is exactly what led the bakery company to choose Blumenbecker. The Group has ready access to the entire spectrum of industrial supplies: from tools and machinery, welding equipment, drive systems and engineering and machining technology through to work safety apparatus. Jörg Tiekmann, who runs the Soest site and is key account manager for Kuchenmeister, has been looking after the food company for nearly 30 years. And he knows a thing or two: "When you are manufacturing food products on a large scale like Kuchenmeister, you need partners who know what really matters. "

"Blumenbecker delivers solutions, not just products."

Ralf Bott, Head of Technical Design and Development, Kuchenmeister GmbH

More than 100,000 items at the click of a button

By working with Blumenbecker Industriehandel, Kuchenmeister is able to select from more than 100,000 items and can order any unit and number without any minimum quantity restriction. The bakery usually orders the products digitally – using individual e-procurement solutions. These customised online shops are tailored precisely to meet Kuchenmeister's needs and are linked to the company's warehouse management system. Authorised personnel are able to initiate orders by themselves with just a few clicks of the button. This eliminates much of the administrative effort normally associated with the ordering process, which really pays off when it comes to C-items.

Personal contact counts

In spite of all these digital conveniences, this long-standing business relationship has always relied on personal contact. And as the first point of call for all Kuchenmeister sites Tiekmann is always ready to help resolve issues of any kind. The two companies have traditionally worked closely together right from the planning stage, notably when it comes to precision solutions like drive technology. " This is the only way to provide solutions that will produce real added value for the customer ", says Tiekmann confidently.

3.500 sqm
of storage space
spaces for heavy items
packages daily

Central stores and goods distribution center

Order today for dispatch right away. The Kuchenmeister bakery company has come to appreciate the value of this service, which has been made possible by efficient logistics. Blumenbecker has links with Europe's largest purchasing association, E/D/E, maintains its own branch warehouses and also operates a very efficient central storage facility and goods distribution centre in Beckum. More than 750 individual packages are sent out from here to customers every day. Depending on the type of product, the size of the package and the delivery address these orders are either delivered in the company's own vehicles or by haulage firms or parcel service.  There is also an in-house UPS link to handle 24-hour shipments, while for emergency SOS orders Blumenbecker is able to deliver by courier within two hours.  

For Olaf Lingnau, the managing director at Blumenbecker Industriebedarf, this all-inclusive service is self-explanatory: "Our aspiration is not only to meet customer expectations but to exceed them. "