Opening ceremony of our robotic machining laboratory in Brno

Showroom of robotic machining in Brno was opened

Representatives of Blumenbecker Prag s.r.o. symbolically opened the doors of the robotic machining laboratory in Brno. 

The tape was cut on Thursday 15th November by Aleš Pochylý, Tomáš Kubela (for the development team of the application), Andrej Schvarc (Managing director), doc. Ing. Vladislav Singule CSc. from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of BUT and the representative of CAD CAM systems Michal Jelínek.

On Tuesday, November 20, the first workshop for the public, which focused on additive technology on CNC machining centers and the diverse use of robots in production, took place in the premises. Forty participants attended seminars on both machines and robots (hardware) as well as software programming of these technologies. On a particular example of robotic machining, the work of art - the torso of the female body - was being worked on.

Robotic machining seminar in Brno