We deliver solutions.

Rolling stock maintenance: access technology, elevated track systems, roof working platforms etc.

Full range of crane services

We provide a full range of crane services from a single source, including modifications and refits, testing and maintenance. Our trained staff can trace and rectify malfunctions and undertake upgrades and automation work on your crane systems. We also supply and assemble new crane installations and can build gantry systems of all sizes up to 500 tonnes.

Our range of services in this sector includes:

  • Consultations (e.g. remaining lifetime calculations)
  • Emergency services for fault tracing and troubleshooting
  • Drive control and regulating systems
  • Crane remote controls
  • Crane control and regulating software
  • Accident prevention inspections
  • Specialist inspections and approval
  • Complete overhauls
  • Training of client personnel as crane operators

From consulting through to training and instruction

Do you have special requirements for your crane operations? We provide a comprehensive consulting service and can deliver and assemble standard installations or special solutions, complete with specialist certification, including:

  • Bridge cranes
  • Portal cranes
  • Slewing cranes
  • Wall-mounted swivel cranes
  • Monorail trolleys with hoisting gear
  • Special gantry systems

Companies from every branch of industry have come to rely on us

Blumenbecker’s expertise is always sought after wherever clients place high demands on the availability of their crane installations. This includes the steel trade, opencast lignite operations, foundries, the automotive industry, the large-transformer construction sector, mechanical and steel engineering companies and craft-based industries.

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