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Exclusive distribution channel for PLC-ANALYZER pro

Within Poland, Blumenbecker Engineering Polska is the sole distributor for the PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 software from AUTEM GmbH.
PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 is a software system for logic analysis and the acquisition of recorded data on PLC-controlled facilities. The acquisition, representation, and evaluation of PLC signals such as inputs, outputs, flags, data words, etc. becomes child’s play with this software.

Online display makes it possible to observe the signal waveform in real time. As well as supporting continuous recording, trigger conditions can be specified for the acquisition of particular events. This means that even rare sporadic errors can be recorded for subsequent analysis.

The key advantage that PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 has over traditional logic analysers is that all process data is recorded via standardised PLC interfaces. For example, MPI/PPI, PROFIBUS or TCP/IP Ethernet for SIMATIC S7 are all supported, as is the programming unit interface for SIMATIC S5. Consequently, a programming unit/notebook can be connected to the PLC and used to record process data without any need for hardware modifications. This makes the arduous process of connecting up measuring cables a thing of the past. Diagnostics can even be performed on several PLC systems simultaneously.

The cyclic accuracy of the recording process cannot fail to impress due to the way that the measured values are acquired seamlessly in each PLC cycle. By using the special AD_USB-Box measurement interface, you can also record external voltages and currents that are not available directly in the PLC should you need to. “Projects” facilitate the process of automating recurring measurement sequences.
To enable PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 to be permanently integrated into the facility, AUTEM offers the ultra-compact BLACKBOX. This Mini PC allows all relevant process data to be archived for a period of several years. Thanks to the various remote access options (modem, VPN, LAN), BLACKBOX is also ideal for remote maintenance purposes.
PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 is an indispensable tool for PLC programming, construction, commissioning, technical service and training.

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