Theodor Blumenbecker in the year 1922

225 days to go ... ... then we celebrate 100 years of Blumenbecker

The company history begann in May 1922. A 28-year-old fitter from Bochum founded an anchor winding company in Beckum with his former colleague. Beckum wasn't unknown to them. Since years they had been coming to the cement town in regular intervals. In the beginning, their employer at the time collected the cement industry's electric motors from Beckum by horse-drawn carriage, repaired them in Bochum and brought them back to Münsterland on horseback. However, as this caused problems when reconnecting the machines, it was decided to carry out the repairs and maintenance on site if possible. From that time on, the two were often "on assembly" in Beckum. From May they intend to do it on their own account: "Anchor winding to repair electric motors and machines and to install light and power installations." That was the entry in the commercial register.

The times for setting up a business were difficult: the occupation of the Ruhr area by the French army also affected industry in Beckum. On top of this came rapid inflation. Despite these circumstances, the two were able to keep the business going. A short time later, they were able to employ more fitters and had to look for a larger workshop.

One of the founders was called Hans Goeke and left the company in 1928. The other was called Theodor Blumenbecker - the grandfather of our current majority shareholder Astrid Blumenbecker.

After his business partner left, Theodor's company expanded. At the beginning of the 1930s, electrical installations were part of the business. In 1937, a small showroom for lights and electrical appliances was opened. One year later, he had already employed 15 people and built a modern workshop.

What began as a small workshop has grown into the internationally active Blumenbecker group of companies almost 100 years later.