Donation handover to the German Red Cross Region Hannover - Christmas campaign 2020

Close to one‘s heart Donation to GRC Region Hannover and Children's Hospice Leipzig

For the fourth time at Christmas we have the motto: Donations instead fo gifts. Instead of the Christmas presetns for the business partners, the money is donated.
Humanity is often lost in stressful everyday life. To remind us of this, Blumenbecker has selected two projects that provide medical and emotional help: from people for people.

We donate 2,500 euros to the German Red Cross Region Hannover. Since 2018, Michael Kattner, service manager at Blumenbecker Industrie-Service GmbH in Hannover, has been a volunteer paramedic at the German Red Cross Region Hannover. The year 2020 brings new challenges for him and his colleagues at the German Red Cross. "This year has demanded a lot of us. But it is a good feeling to be able to help," says Kattner happily.
The 2,500 euros donated will be used to purchase mats and exercise defibrillators for first-aid courses. The new exercise mats are easier to disinfect, which is more important now than ever. Lars Gaicki, Team Coordinator First Aid and Fire Protection at the German Red Cross in Hannover, emphasizes the importance of additional defibrillators: "After current hygiene measures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the only possible practical exercise in first aid courses and more equipment means more practice time for each individual participant".

The children's hospice Bärenherz in Leipzig will also receive 2,500 euros. Parents wish their children a happy and carefree childhood. They are there for their children and help wherever they can. But sometimes parental help is not enough. Not all wounds can be treated with a plaster and words of consolation.
When there is no hope of healing, children need professional help - medically and emotionally. Parents and relatives also need strength and solace. The children's hospice Bärenherz is a medical facility that accommodates families with seriously ill children - from the moment the illness is diagnosed.
Ralf Herzog, managing director of Blumenbecker Technik GmbH, visited the children's hospice for the first time over two years ago for an event organized by the dog club. The children were able to play with the dogs and forget their worries and fears for a short time. Since then, he and his wife have maintained contact with the children's hospice. "Here the children are the center of attention to make their time in life more worth living. With our donation we support the hospice, just as we did in 2018," explains Herzog.

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