Blumenbecker Polska plays football! At the beginning of July 2017 in Opalenica near Poznan, Poland was held 4th edition of Football Championship of Automation Industry.

The team of Blumenbecker Polska Employees improved last year result and took much better position in general clasification - the 12th place. We congratulate our players and keep our fingers crossed for another success in the coming editions!

16 teams and 200 participants in total, representatives of companies operating in Automation Industry in Poland took part in the tournament. It was held in remeSPORT resort in Opalanica where are great conditions for playing and to appoint the team of winners. The group matches were played in round-robin system. On a pitch with real grass competed the teams consisted of six players (5 players + 1 goalkeeper).

The VIP guests during the event were Piotr Reiss and Piotr Świerczewski - a famous ex-players of well recognized European football clubs and Polish National Team.

The event was organized by Pepperl+Fuchs, the company who is our partner in business.