automated a new laminating line at Swisspan

Automation of a particle board laminating line Market-ready products already during the start-up phase

TOV Blumenbecker automated a new laminating line for particle board manufacturer Swisspan under tight deadlines.

The Sorbes Group is a Swiss-based group of companies with activities mainly in Estonia and the Ukraine. There, particle boards are produced and laminated with a variety of decorative surfaces. Since its founding in 2003, the Group has grown steadily and, with its brands Swisspan (in the Ukraine) and Repo (in Estonia), has become a fixture in the respective markets.

For a new melamine coating line for particle boards, an automation concept and an energy distribution system were developed by TOV Blumenbecker and then implemented. Swisspan manufactures around 650,000 particle boards with dimensions of up to 2,750 x 1,830 mm per year on the line. Since a total of more than 70 different products are manufactured, there was also a process optimization for each board type and the different coating types and qualities. To minimize downtime, the entire system has been equipped with a range of diagnostic tools. Among other things, the project included seven PLCs with RTU and eighty motors.

Due to the high demand, a fast commissioning of the system was desiredby Swisspan. "Although some suppliers of components had delivery problems, we kept to the tight schedule," says Oleksndr Karpii, managing director of TOV Blumenbecker. And not only that: Blumenbecker also developed a simple operating solution using state-of-the-art tools and in constant dialogue with the operating personnel. The result: Swisspan was already able to produce market-ready products during the start-up phase of the line.