Switchgear manufacturing in Beckum

Switchgear manufacturing in Beckum Switchgear manufacturing in Beckum

Our switchgear manufacturing in Beckum has a plot of more than 8,000 square meters.

The individual production steps in the switchgear manufacturing are arranged one after the other, from materials supply right through to dispatch. Production of the sheet metal components is followed by two bays located side by side – one for the electrical wiring of made-to-order products, the other for the wiring of series products, then comes quality assurance, with the test facility, followed in turn by the assembly section and the dispatch.

We have a paint-shop facility in our production hall for individual customer requirements. The materials management works with state-of-the-art shuttle shelf systems. Additionally, materials and parts are supplied to the individual workplaces just-in-sequence, as materials management runs the whole length of the building, parallel to production.