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Robot gluing and bonding system from Blumenbecker

Gluing is used extensively in carmaking, particularly with parts such as headlights. Each vehicle passes through several dozen gluing stations in production. Bonding processes are essential in other industries, too, such as inserting glass panes in oven doors or attaching components to electronic circuit boards. Industrial robots are the perfect choice for these tasks.

The challenge is to apply the glue with the same quality and strength in all locations – whether they are easily accessible or hard to reach. Blumenbecker has met this challenge with a wide range of robotic gluing solutions. Our robot gluing and bonding systems work quickly and calculate path speeds and adhesive doses with unerring precision. Blumenbecker offers another exclusive value driver: our proprietary software, ProDaSt.

Proprietary software for a better overview

ProDaSt was developed because a customer wanted to know the pressure and temperature that his Blumenbecker robot cell used when bonding and pressing in headlights.

ProDaSt communicates with the PLC over TCP. Every PLC manufacturer has developed its own communication protocol to control, diagnose and program the PLC and retrieve data. Unfortunately, different manufacturers use different protocols. Until now, if programmers wanted to transfer data between the PLC and the IT system, they had to know all the protocols, too.

ProDaSt provides a vendor-independent bridge between the IT system and the PLC. Not only can it send data (commands, formulations, etc.) from a database to the PLC, but it can also retrieve data from the PLC and save it to a database.

If the PLC wants to send data to a parent system, it saves it locally to a predefined location in a data block, where the parent system reads it without communicating with the PLC software. This eliminates the need for the PLC programmer to use complicated extra software. A similar approach is used to write data to the PLC: it is written to the data block and the PLC reads out the data.

With ProDaSt, you can always see how precisely a gluing and bonding robot is working.

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